Land Surveying

Land Surveying

A land survey is an important first step in land use planning. A survey provides essential understanding on property limits and boundaries, preserving property rights, and understanding the limitations that a property may have, whether related to the boundary or topography. B&B can provide an accurate and precise land survey that is customized to your specific needs. We can provide zoning location surveys, boundary (A-2) or topographic (T-2) surveys, ALTA Surveys, As-Built Surveys, Flood Elevation Certificates, land subdivision layout or planning and construction or property line stake out.

Land Use Planning & Permitting

Land Use Planning & Permitting

Land development can be a complex and difficult process. B&B Engineering can ease the uncertainty by providing a wide range of services starting with conceptual and feasibility planning, utility designing and coordination, storm water management, earthwork analysis, cost estimates, and regulatory permit coordination.

Septic System Design & Repair

Whether it’s a new house needing a septic system, an old system needing repair, or a large scale commercial system, B&B Engineering can assess the current conditions and provide a proposal complying with the needs of the facility, the local regulatory agency, and state requirements.

Storm Water Drainage Systems

Storm Water Drainage Analysis & Design

Storm water is an integral part of the design of any complete land development project. The design, management, and control of storm water can be accommodated with a simple or complex solution, depending on the severity of the development. By analyzing the existing conditions and understanding the ultimate goals, both for the environment and the development, the most optimal design can be accommodated. We provide design and analysis services for hydrology, storm water collection systems, above or below ground storm water detention systems, channel design, and storm water quality planning (best management practices).

Roadway Planning and Designa

Roadway Planning & Design

Our engineers are experienced in the planning and design of municipal roadways from small dead-end residential streets to high –use urban collectors. Different roads require compliance to different codes governed by local, state or federal guidelines. On top of the regulatory requirements, best practice always governs. We can provide services of roadway alignment design, flexible or rigid pavement design, passive recreation integration, intersections, and multi-lane incorporation.

Soil Erosion & Design

Soil Planning & Design

Soil erosion is inevitability with any construction project, and if left unrestrained can lead to disastrous and expensive consequences. B&B can provide a detailed design of soil erosion containment measures and construction sequencing to ensure that every detail is taken to ensure the environmental safety. Many towns require and take keen notice to the structuring of the construction activities before, during and after construction. B&B’s can ease this uncertainty with smart design and planning.

Construction Inspection by B&B Engineers

Construction Inspection & Management

Our engineers and managers have years of experience both inspecting and managing construction projects. We can fully run a project for our client or merely inspect at regular intervals and report our findings to our clients and/or regulatory authorities.

Municipal On-Call Engineering Services

B&B Engineering is currently the on-call engineer for two Connecticut towns. We provide engineering services for town projects, inspection services for ongoing construction, permitting review and land use planning, cost estimation for future projects, grant application support, storm water permitting, and any other land surveying or engineering need the town may require.

Utility Management Analysis and Design

Utility Analysis & Design

Every modern development project will need a variety utilities to support its uses. B&B can analyze the existing infrastructure, determine the availability of utilities and manage the design and installation with the appropriate utility company. In addition, a variety of codes, such as building, fire, health or municipal will govern the location of many of the utilities. We have experience designing and coordinating for all of the common utilities including municipal sewer, water, electric, telephone, cable, underground gas, propane, etc.