B&B Engineering has been involved in over 1,000 projects in our history. Below is a small representation of some of the projects that we have completed. For more information about the diversity of the projects that we have performed, contact us today.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

B&B has provided plans for a variety of facilities including auto recycling, construction, and asphalt recycling. The permit requirements of the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection can be extensive, complicated and change regularly. B&B continues to update plans when needed and provide consultation and support through the inspection and monitoring requirements of the general permit issued by the State.

Dunkin Donuts - Haddam, Connecticut

Dunkin Donuts, Haddam, CT

This project was the beginning of a larger commercial development located on busy Route 82 in Haddam. B&B coordinated conceptual planning and site engineering which included septic system design, underground storm water detention, parking, loading and access layout. In addition, B&B coordinated the local regulatory approval process which was subsequently granted. B&B also helped coordinate the building permit process prior to construction.

Auto Recycling Facility - Seymour, Connecticut

Auto Recycling Facility, Seymour, CT

B&B started this project by coordinating the conceptual layouts for this operating facility, which involved understanding the facility needs as well as the current requirements of the EPA and DEP’s water quality standards. The final design included design of bypass drainage and a variety of storm water quality devices integrated with the drainage collection system. B&B coordinated the town regulatory approval process and its subsequent approvals.

Oxford High School Athletic Facility

Oxford High School Athletic Facility, Oxford, CT

The Town of Oxford engaged B&B Engineering to act as the owners representative and clerk of the works. B&B was responsible to manage the multiple contractors that were hired to complete the project and also provided on-site inspection to ensure that all contract requirements were strictly adhered too. All of this was accomplished on schedule while keeping the project under budget.

Oxford Agnes Tetlak Schiavi Park

Agnes Tetlak Schiavi Park, Oxford, CT

B&B Engineering provided the full design and procurement services for the Town of Oxford’s Agnes Tetlak Schiavi Park. This included working closely with the public committee to determine their specific goals of the project and implementing them into a design that was feasible and cost effective. The plan consists of roadway and parking lot design, geometric layout of a multipurpose field, suitable for football, soccer, lacrosse and two softball fields and the utilities to support it.A complex under-field drainage system was designed including its collection and extensive water treatment structures. Best management practices (BMPs) were utilized to accomplish the local inland wetland commission’s concerns of contaminating the nearby wetland and brook with fertilizers, chemicals and other pollutants typical to an athletic facility. Upon completion of the plans to the committee’s satisfaction, B&B prepared the specification and bid documents and assisted the town’s grant writer with the publishing and procurement of the bids. Finally, B&B researched and vetted the successful bidders to provide the committee with ample information to make their recommendation. B&B was fortunate to also be selected as the Clerk of the Works for the project and currently is monitoring and administrating the construction of the field. The field is anticipated to be open during the summer of 2017.

Town Engineering Services

Town Engineering Services

B&B Engineering is currently the on-call engineer for two Connecticut towns. We provide engineering services for town projects, inspection services for ongoing construction, permitting review and land use planning, cost estimation for future projects, grant application support, storm water permitting, and any other land surveying or engineering need the town may require.

Engineering for Residential Development

Engineering for Residential Development

B&B Engineering provides various developers and homeowners site design services for anything from a small addition to full site redevelopment of luxurious custom homes throughout Connecticut. Larger developments can be especially complicated due to ever changing engineering requirements of coverage, grading, storm water, and septic systems. B&B has a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating the approval processes throughout Connecticut.

Engineering for New Haven Industrial Adaptive Re-use

Industrial Adaptive Re-use New Haven, CT

B&B is currently working with a New Haven developer repurposing a historic factory building into a retail, office and residential complex. The project started with a detailed survey of the 4.7 acre property, which consisted of two separate parcels across the street from each other. The first phase, a 25,000 sf retail and office renovation of the 300,000+ square foot building, included a re-design of an existing parking lot and external access improvements in order to comply with the city’s zoning and engineering requirements. Approvals required several technical meetings with city staff along with various public hearing with the Board of Zoning Appeals and City Plan Commission. The project is now amidst approvals for a larger redevelopment of the building adapting the rest of the former manufacturing facility into office and possible residential uses. B&B’s work includes the design of an underground parking garage in the existing basement.

Town-Wide Roadway Analysis & Recommendations

Town-Wide Roadway Analysis & Recommendations

The Town of Seymour retained B&B to assess and evaluate the overall health of each road in town. The goal was to create a comprehensive assessment of the current road conditions and to ultimately, provide a long term plan for the most critical roadway construction. In total, 280 town roads were inspected, approximately 82 miles of pavement. Roads were inspected for cracking and deformations in the pavement, along with the current and future needs of the drainage system. The roads were then given a score from A to F and were given a priority based on the traffic demand of the road, and the existing conditions of the curbing, drainage, and pavement. Ultimately, B&B provided the town with a comprehensive report listing those most critically failing roads along with the general condition of all others.