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Roadway Improvements

At B&B Engineering, LLC, our services include construction inspection services, roadway improvement, and more. Through our careful planning, innovative designs, and community engagement, we strive to create safer, more efficient, and accessible roadways for the benefit of local communities. Explore our recent projects below, showcasing our commitment to excellence in roadway engineering and design.

Holbrook Road Improvements, Seymour, Connecticut

The Town of Seymour requested B&B Engineering provide engineering design services for the reconstruction of 5,700 linear feet on Holbrook Road.  The design included land survey, geotechnical investigation, roadway reconstruction design, utility relocation as well as storm sewer improvements.    The design included analysis of the contributing watershed in the area and review of multiple existing culverts.  Ultimately the project included installation of several new culverts and a large box culvert which required the bypass of an actively flowing stream during construction.  Working in coordination with the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments, the project received funding from the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program. 

Our team provided daily inspection services which includes daily reports, review and analysis of any change orders, review of all pay applications and conduct regular meetings with the contractor and design staff.    Furthermore, our construction management and inspection services extend beyond the construction site. For this particular project, coordination with residents and local town authorities was imperative. Our team worked closely with these stakeholders, addressing any concerns or queries they had regarding the construction activities. Additionally, we closely monitored the traffic plans and detours to ensure the safety and convenience of the local community. This proactive approach helped maintain positive relationships with the community and local authorities, fostering a harmonious construction process. 

South Street Pedestrian Improvements, Oxford, Connecticut

&B Engineering played a crucial role in assisting the Town of Oxford with the design, permitting, and construction of around 2,100 linear feet of sidewalks on Oxford Road (Route 67) in the town. The project aimed to enhance the area by constructing new sidewalks, landscaping, decorative light poles, benches, and carrying out minor grading along the southern side of the road.

One of the notable features of the project was the inclusion of a ten-foot-wide shared path. Our engineers meticulously reviewed and certified the geometric design of this walkway. This shared path served as a vital component of the project, promoting connectivity and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

To support this endeavor, the project received funding from the State Department of Transportation's Community Connectivity Program. This financial support was instrumental in bringing the project to fruition and ensuring its successful completion.

Our team at B&B Engineering took charge of various aspects of the project, including surveying, designing, as well as providing construction management and inspection services for the Town. This comprehensive approach allowed us to oversee the project from its inception to its final stages, ensuring that all aspects were executed seamlessly and in accordance with the town's requirements.

Through our collaboration with the Town of Oxford, we were able to contribute to the improvement of the area's infrastructure, making it more pedestrian-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The sidewalks, landscaping, decorative elements, and shared path now provide residents and visitors with a safe and enjoyable environment to walk, bike, and connect with the community.

Hawley Road Improvements Oxford, Connecticut

B&B provided land surveying, design and construction management and inspection services to improve Hawley Road in the Town of Oxford. The project, funded by the State Department of Transportation, involved widening the road and improving its vertical and horizontal design. Storm sewer improvements were also made, including the installation of piping, manholes, catch basins, and riprap aprons. A large culvert was installed, requiring the bypass of an active stream during construction. Utility improvements included relocating existing sanitary sewer pipes and manholes, gas, water laterals, and electrical poles and wires.

Using the Connecticut Department of Transportation Form 818, B&B provided the contract documents including specifications, special conditions, and plans and profiles.  The project was funded through the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments, so it was necessary to coordinate approval to bid and award thought the council as well as DOT.  Our firm provided procurement assistance including issuing necessary addendums during bidding, as well as evaluation of the bids received.  Once awarded, B&B provided construction management services and daily inspections.

In this project, coordination with residents and local town authorities was of utmost importance. We recognized the significance of maintaining open lines of communication with the community and local authorities to minimize disruptions and address any potential concerns. Our team closely monitored the traffic plans and detours, ensuring that they were implemented correctly and effectively. By actively managing traffic flow and minimizing disruptions, we aimed to minimize inconveniences for both residents and commuters.

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